Renault KWID and you

Make your own mark

Customize your car. Make your own KWID.

Bundled offers for complete customer satisfaction

Accessories packages are the best options bundled according to customer needs. It is a smart solution to fully accessorize your Renault KWID.

Individual Accessories

Pick n'Mix

Tailor your Renault KWID inside out.

Life on board

Enhance the comfort, convenience and style of your Renault KWID.

Floor mat cabin - transparent

Floor mat cabin - designer

Floor mat cabin - matte black

Floor mat cabin - beige

Floor mat cabin - black

Illuminated sill plates

Steering wheel cover - black

Steering wheel cover - orange + black

Steering wheel cover - beige

Anti slip mats

Anti slip mats

Seat cover fabric - black

Seat cover fabric - beige

Seat cover fabric - black & orange

Seat cover fabric - black & silver


Make your Renault KWID unmistakably yours.

Fog lamp chrome

Bumper protector chrome

Head lamp chrome

Bumper liner chrome

Grille insert chrome

Roof rails

Mud flaps

Side cladding

Weather guard economy

Tail lamp chrome


Make your Renault KWID unmistakably yours.




Rally Cross




Car cover offers excellent protection to the car from external/environmental factors, e.g, bird droppings, paint fading and scratches. These are custom-made to fit the contours of your Renault KWID perfectly.

Silver car cover

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